Death Note – Everything You Want To Know About The Anime

What if you are bored of everything happening around you and then you come across a mysterious book with incredible powers? Well! The plot gets interesting. Death Note is a Japanese Manga Series based on a similar scenario.

Death Note follows the story of a high school student named Light Yagami. Light came across a strange metaphysical notebook – Death Note. Death Note belongs to a rogue Shinigami Ryuk, the Death God. This notebook grants the power to its user to kill anyone they know. The user can do so by writing the name of that person in the Death Note. The series then follows the scenarios of Light using the Death Note. How he uses it? What are the consequences? How he handles it? These curiosities turn this series into one hell of a delight to watch.

The Concept Of Using The Death Note

Death Note Anime

This Whole Japanese series revolves around the Notebook named Death Note. It is a black notebook consisting of instructions written inside it. These instructions are known as the “Rules of the Death Note.” When these Rules of the Notebook are followed correctly, Death Note allows the user to perpetrate murder by knowing only the name and face of the Victim. Death Note originally belongs to Ryuk, a Japanese God of Death.

The Storyline Of The Death Note

The Beginning

The Plot of Death Note is set in Tokyo.  Light Yagami is an able yet antagonistic high-school student. Light finds a Strange Notebook named Death Note. When Light came to find out about the powers of Death Note, he thinks about using it for creating a Utopian World without any terror and crime. He ought to do so by killing the high-profile criminals of Japan. Later, Light pursue to target the international law-offenders.

When innumerous criminals started dying unexplainably, the world begins to believe that this is an act of an individual person. Global media start designates this individual as “Kira.” Kira is a Japanese word for Killer, who is both loved and feared.

Eventually, Ryuk visits Light. Ryuk gets amused by the actions of Light and start serving as a companion of Light. Ryuk is invisible to anyone who never touched the Death Note.

L enters into the plot of Death Note

Interpol requests the aid of an obscure and self-esteemed consulting detective – L to grasp Kira. L has solved many crime cases all over the world. L deduces that Kira is based in Japan. Then L sets a trap to capture Kira by tricking Light into killing a decoy. Light feel humiliated by this action of L and vows to kill L. Light graduates from the college. The scenario builds up in a manner that Light becomes the prime suspect of L for Kira. Then, Light joins the team of L responsible for finding Kira. Light has the intentions to gain inside knowledge from L.

Introduction Of Second Death Note In The Plot

The 2nd Death Note came into existence by the introduction of Misa Amane in the series. Misa is a very famous Actress. This Death Note Belongs to the Shinigami named Rem. Rem has feelings for Misa.

Misa came to find out that Light is the original Kira. Kira later demands Light to become her boyfriend. In order to find out the real name of L, Light acts like he is in love with Misa. However, before Misa found out the actual name of L, L find out that Misa is the 2nd Kira. Misa’s life came into danger because of this situation, and thus Rem threatens Light to save Misa.

Light Finds A Solution To This Problem

Light finds out a solution to this problem by him and Misa temporarily losing their memory of Death Note. Rem passes the Death Note to Kyosuke Higuchi, a morally-driven individual.

Since Light has lost the memory about Death Note. Light start working wholeheartedly to find the Kira. Light and L find out the identity of Kyosuke and arrest him. L also came to find out about the Death Note and Shinigami.

The Death Of L

Light and Misa regain their memories. They do so by touching the Death Note. After that, Light kills Kyosuke with the help of a piece of Death Note and restores his access on the Death Note.

L’s suspicion grows on Misa. To keep Misa out of any trouble, Rem kills L, and dies in doing so because Shinigami’s are not allowed to protect humans. Therefore, the investigation stalls.

The Heart Breaking Ending of Death Note

Death Note - Final Scene

The plot builds up in a manner that Light’s identity is revealed by Near and Mello (trained as potential heirs to L). A fight happens in which Light gets heavily wounded. Apprehending that Light will spend the rest of his time in prison, Ryuk writes the name of Light in the Death Note.

Interesting Facts About The Characters Of Death Note – By Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata


Death Note L

Ohba used the single letter as the name of this character as he believes that it would add a specific significance to it. He considered the letter I and J too.

It was Ohba’s idea about the interest of L in sweets and his manners.

Obata, who designed the character of L, choose a plane clothing for L to represent a personality that doesn’t care about his clothes.

Obata had denied the fighting style of L (similar to Capoeira)  before because he wanted someone who can kick while handcuffed.

Light Yagami

Death Note Light Yagami

Ohba told that the family name Yagami was suggested by his editor.

Obata avoided Jeans for Light Yagami as he wanted him to look “smart and Formal.”

Obata said that he felt a bit difficult to draw Light again after the character loses his memory and return in his prior manners.


Death Note Ryuk

Ohba always wanted to send a message regarding Shinigami through Ryuk – That Shinigami only eat Apples. This was the sole reason behind Ryuk holding the Apple.

Ohba also added that he chose Apple because the Red color goes perfectly with the Ryuk’s Black Body.

The original idea of Obata for Ryuk was an appearance of a Rock Star.

Misa Amane

Death Note Misa Amane
By Amino Apps

Ohba added the character of Misa Amane as a “Cute Female” because he thought that the story consisting only of males would be boring.

Obata said that he felt fear concerning the length of Misa’s hair. Obata wanted Misa’s bangs to be Straight.

Media Based On Death Note


The Death Note anime premiered in Japan on October 3, 2006. Tetsurō Araki directed it.  Death Note was animated by Madhouse. This series consists of 37 episodes. The last episode aired on June 26, 2007, on the Nippon Television network.


Death Note Manga
Shared By Yashiro

Death Note manga series was initially serialized in the Japanese manga magazine namely  Weekly Shonen Jump. Shueisha issued it on December 1, 2003. There are 108 chapters of series since then.  Death Note was authorized for publication in North America in April 2005,  by Viz Media. The 1st English linguistic volume came on October 10, 2005.

Light Novels

Nisio Isin wrote a light novel modification of the Death Note. This Light Novel is known as Death Note Another Note: The Los Angeles BB Murder Cases. It was released on August 1, 2006, by Shueisha. This Light Novel works as a prequel to the manga series of Death Note.


There are many soundtracks related to the Death Note. Death Note Original Soundtrack was the first soundtrack of Death Note which released on December 21, 2006, in Japan. The second Death Note Original Soundtrack Death Note Original Soundtrack issued on March 21, 2007, in Japan.

Hideki Taniuchi and Yoshihisa Hirano created the music for Anime version of Death Note.

Death Note is an exciting and heart-touching Anime. The series provides with all aspects of thrill, suspense, emotion. Moreover, Death Note distinguishes between the good and the evil. Therefore, Death Note is one of the most beautiful Anime.

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