11 Funny K-Drama Moments That Will Put A Huge Smile On Your Face

Sometimes nothing hits in the spot like a good Rom-com K-drama. For the time when you want to have a grin on your face, these funny moments will help you. These K-dramas will take you on a roller coaster ride of emotions where you can find the perfect combination to make up to the exhaustion you had from the day. Korean dramas are famous for their delightful romantic and cheesy story-lines. However, they do consist of some hilarious scenes. These moments add a broad smile on your face. Remembering them leaves you in utter nostalgia.

So here we have 11 most funny moments from the K-dramas. In no distinct order, the following are the most comic moments that will make you laugh out loud.

1. Kill Me, Heal Me

The office rap battle

This unforgettable funny scene between Ji Sung and Hwang Jung Eum surely is fantastic. They redefine the height of silliness and childishness in this agreement. Anyone who has seen this drama will surely agree that this is indeed a scene of laughter. Many fans will remember this iconic scene because of the level of seriousness both are having despite the location they were in.

2. She Was Pretty

The Bromance Scene and Drop Towel Incident

The first thing we notice about this K-drama is Shin-Hyuk’s energetic and charming personality along with his goofiness character. The epic bromance scene begins where Hye-Jin sends Shin-Hyuk to nurse
Sung-Joon. Seeing the concerned Shin-Hyuk makes the scenario more exciting. He reveals his passionate heart underneath all the teasing. The drop towel incident is the hilarious one in the whole drama. The reaction of Sung-Joon was priceless. If you are looking for refreshingly funny drama’s, then you shouldn’t miss watching ‘She Was Pretty.

3. Descendants Of The Sun

The Untimely Package

The scene is undoubtedly a high point for all the fans who are watching this drama. Everyone was also interested in the romance of our two sweet couple. It reveals the ordinary man’s relationship problems. Even our manly soldiers have to face the wrath of their female counterparts. However, they maintain their macho image and make that scene comical in their way. The guys’ expression of ‘oh crap’ and the run from their bases to the package makes the scene extremely amusing.

4. Personal Taste

Park Kae-In’s Horny Sounds

If you watch this particular scene, then you are up for a burst of great laughter afterward. This drama is full of funny moments that will make you fall in love with it, right away. When drunk Kae-In twisted her leg, she takes help of Jeon Jin-Ho to give her a massage. The drunk Kae-In makes horny and hilarious sounds during the massage. Moreover, she is mistaken Jin-Ho to be gay and ends the scene by saying “Having a gay roommate is the best thing.” That scene ending with that sentence will make you laugh your wits out.

5. Goblin

The Panty Song

Goblin: the lonely and great god is under the category of most popular K-drama around the globe. This scene is all about the Grim Reaper taking revenge on Goblin. This scene lands when one night before Goblin is frustrating over Grim Reaper to choose his outfit. As a result, Grim Reaper couldn’t sleep all night. On the very next day in the morning, Grim Reaper sings a song on Goblin’s underwear while doing laundry. The lyrics for the song were “the Goblin’s underwear is strong and stretchy and so strong.” The song makes the scene rib-cracking laugh out loud moment.

6. My Love From Another Star

Open Sesame!!

Every fan of this drama will surely remember this scene where drunken Cheon Song-Yi tries to open the door of her apartment. But it seems that the door is not opening after pressing the passcode because it was the door of her neighbor Do Min-Joon. The drunken star put on quite a show and acts perfectly hilarious, which makes the scene memorable for every viewer. After trying so hard to open the door, she finally uses the universal spell, “Open Sesame” and guess what, the door opened. This scene is without a
doubt, one of the funniest moments in the drama.

7. Welcome to Waikiki

It’s Okay Rebecca!

This drama is based entirely on the genre of comedy. If you want a great laugh at every moment of the drama, then you can’t choose any better than Welcome to Waikiki. This drama features a cute yet troublesome baby with some silly and immature adults. Lee Joon-Ki takes Dong-gu and Yoo-Ah for a drive in his dear to life car, he calls it Rebecca. But in reality, the car is in a condition that it won’t start in one stroke. The car’s terrible situation leads to one of the funniest moments in this drama.

8. Healer

Kiss in front of Dad

Healer is a full package of action, mystery, thriller, comedy and a tincture of romance. The drama follows the story of a night courier known as ‘Healer.’ Along with a genius hacker Ajhumma, they both do work for their clients at the right price. One of his missions also includes protecting a second-rate tabloid writer, Chae Young Shin. By following her everywhere, he gets to know her deeply and fall in love with her. But some situation leads to hilarious consequences. She was kissed in front of her dad that leads to some comic outcomes. Very next day, her dad taught him a lesson. Meanwhile, Young Shin is enjoying her ice-cream accompanied by the yelling of her dad. You will never get tired of this scene’s craziness and silliness.

9. Boys Over Flowers

The Beach Stripping

Boys over flowers is one of the biggest hit Korean dramas at the beginning of this decade. Fans all over the world love the drama’s script. The essence of the character’s amazing individual story will make you stick to this K-drama. The F4 and Jandi-ssi did a great job in attracting female viewers as well as the male audience around the globe. The drama follows many comic moments but the scene where Jun-Pyo take Jandi in a beachside for a romantic lunch, something hilarious happened. Out of nowhere, Jun-Pyo start stripping in the middle of the lunch. Jandi warns him like,” If you take off your jeans then you’ll die by my hands.” Although they find out that he was wearing swimsuit inside the pants, afterward, Jandi makes fun out of him by scaring him.

10. What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim?

It is because she likes me…

The title is the mini summary of the whole drama. Why does Secretary Kim want to resign the job she had been working on for nine long years? The drama is a full package of entertainment, comedy, and tincture of melodrama in the show. From the very beginning of the drama, it holds the genre of the comic that includes the scene where Young-Joon is trying to comprehend why did she want to leave the company. Then he thought of an incident where he saw Secretary Kim’s teary eyes. He felt that she had some feelings for him. That moment of finding the reason was hilarious enough to make you laugh out loud.

11. Reply 1988

The Study Session

Reply series have been under the category of most liked daily soap K-drama. This drama depicts the real-life where a bunch of teenagers living in a neighborhood for years and develop strange feelings after hitting puberty. Reply 1988 will make you remember your first love, first heartbreak, the ecstasy feeling of the first kiss, and first job. This scene follows the craziness of our Deok-sun and Dong-ryong showing their level of intelligence. Deok-sun does so to impress Sun-woo, her new crush. She makes this scene more comical. Her elder sister Bo-ra’s reaction to that is also priceless. She perfectly ends the scene by making everyone laugh in the drama as well as the viewers. This classic K-drama will steal your heart and voice right away by incomparable funny scenes.

We hope that you had a broad smile on your face by the end of this list. Undoubtedly, these K-drama’s consist of many more funny scenarios. Do mention any scenes you remembered while in the nostalgia of these funny moments.

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