The Links Between Bran And The Night King – Theory of Thrones – GOT Season 8

Game Of Thrones Season 8 is coming soon. With that said, every day countless theories are flooding about the Final Season. Bran being the Night King tops all of them. There are many speculation and rumors that Bran will end up as Night King. His powers match a lot with Night King. Although, there are reasons behind that.

A lot of media houses has discussed on these plots. Many agree with the theories while some reject them. Here we have covered the links and similarities between Bran and The Night King.

The Source Of Their Power

Weirwood - Game Of Thrones

The Source of Power for Bran and Night King is a key factor. In some ways, both of them derive their powers from the same source. To understand this, one needs to look back on the origin of Night King.

In Game Of Thrones Season 6 Episode 5, we saw how Night King was created. We saw that the Children Of Forest created him. The Children of Forest thrust Dragonglass Blade in his Chest. His eyes turn Blue, and he becomes the Night King.

The Children Of Forest derive their power from Weirwood. In that context, Night King also draws his power from the Weirwood.

On the other hand, When Bran touches a Weirwood in the haunted forests beyond The Wall, he sees flashes of the Three-Eyed Raven. Later, we saw Bran stating that he is the Three-Eyed Raven. This depicts that Bran also derives his powers from the Weirwood. The same power source links Bran and the Night King together.

Warg Or The Skinchanger – Theories Of Game Of Thrones Season 8

We have all seen the abilities of Bran and Night King in this aspect. However, there’s more to that. The conclusion of this link is another basis for rumors of Bran being the Night King.

Everyone has seen Bran controlling Hodor. Bran uses his powers to enter the mind of Hodor. No one can forget the ‘Hold The Door’ scene. On the other hand, Night King masters this act. We literally saw him building the army of deads by just raising his hands (you remember Jon’s face!). Well, both of them can control people’s mind. Although, Night King prevails in this skill by a vast margin.

Let’s now consider what they can do with this ability. We can certainly think that if Night King can control other people, he can also convey his Consciousness. What if when Night King dies, he transfers his cognizance in Bran’s mind. We have already seen the Night King dominating over Bran. What if that happens again? What if Night King enters Brans’ mind? It’s just a theory. A quite appealing one though.

The Night King Kens When Bran Is Watching Him

This is a fascinating aspect of Game Of Thrones. The connection between Night King and Bran is justified through these scenarios. There were two incidents when we saw that Night King knew Bran was watching him.

Firstly, In Season 7 Episode 5, when Bran sends some Raven to look beyond the Wall. Through these ravens, Bran saw the White walkers and then the Night King. However, as soon as Night King looks at those Ravens’, they explode (literally!). This proves the point that the Night King knew Bran is watching him.

Secondly, the similar thing happens in Season 6 episode 5. We saw Bran in the Weirwood Net. There, he finds about the Origin of Night King and also about The Three-Eyed Raven. Moreover, we saw Bran’s vision too in the episode. In the beginning, Bran saw an army of White walkers. The Army was still, and Bran moves through them. Later, he reaches near The Night King and other White walkers who were still as well. Bran at that moment thought that he has complete control over his vision. However, in the next moment, we saw Night King turning his head towards Bran, and then everyone (White walkers) turns their head towards Bran. That scene gave the goosebumps. Moreover, that scene gave the insight that The Night King knows when Bran is Watching him. Also, The Night King can take over that Vision. What if Night King can do that, Bran can do that too. Seeing Bran dominating The Night King in mind games, will be one hell of a scene!!

The Night King and Bran contain somewhat similar powers. Although, The Night King had years mastering them. Well, it’s quite clear and evident that Bran will have a crucial part if The Night King will get defeated. The Game Of Thrones Season 8 is one of the most significant phenomena in TV Shows. Everyone is excited for the final installment of the series. Game Of Thrones Season 8 Premiere on 14th April 2019. Stay Tuned for more theories on Game Of Throne Season 8.

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