Ace of Diamond Season 3: New Season in 5 Days, Plot, Character’s And All

This spring Ace of Diamond is ready to pitch a fastball to sport anime fans with its season 3. For its next installment, the Production Company is going to adapt to the “Diamond no Ace Act II.” Moreover, Ace of Diamond Season 3 will feature another fantastic arc based on the manga events.

The long-anticipated baseball anime will soon be starting airing in Japan. The first hint for the release of the new season came out in February last year in an event. The voice actor of the Eunji Sawamura clearly stated that the new season would be releasing soon. This generated a wave of happiness among the fans of the show all across the globe. Moreover, all the fans of the series are anxiously waiting for the anime.

Spoilers of Diamond no Ace Season 3

According to the manga that is, being followed to make the Ace of Diamond Season 3, shows the beginning of a new year after the end of Tokyo fall tournament from season 2.

The freshman of the school is also joining the national team with all high spirits. Therefore, Ace of Diamond Season 3 will show the birth of the new baseball team for the nationals.

The school has not reached the Koshien nationals tournament for last six years. So this time the new team will somehow manage to get into the finals and will compete for strongest teams from other schools. Well, this is undoubtedly going to be an exciting scenario to watch.

Ace of Diamond

The character development of the protagonist is much more in season 3. Eunji will face his personal demons, disputes among teammates, and even disagreement with how society perceives a Japanese pitcher should behave.
Unfortunately, the manga Ace of Diamond Act 2 opens up with the Sawamura messing the first pitch on the field in the opening tournament. But later on, he’s a reliable pitcher who can out someone with all three strikes.

In the upcoming part of Ace of Diamond, Sawamura will be always overshadowed by his rival ace pitcher Furuya Satoru. Well, in the end, he will surpass Furuya and will become an ace pitcher in the history of the school. Before that, there will be some difficult situations for Sawamura that he has to overcome in order to become the perfect pitcher. The plot is boiling up for a lot of ups and downs. There will be many exciting scenarios building up in Ace of Diamond Season 3.

Release Date of Ace of Diamond Season 3

There is a piece of good news for the fans of the Ace of Diamond series that Eunji Sawamura and his fantastic team coming back with the third installment of the anime. The anime will start airing on 2nd April 2019 in Japan.

This spring season will be beautiful as a blooming flower for the hardcore fans of the anime. Along with Ace of Diamond Season 3, spring will have Attack on Titans season 3 part II, One Punch Man 2, Chihayafuru 3. With these anime’s comeback, the schedule in the spring is going to be tight for every otaku in the world.

Well, for baseball anime fans the waiting time is over because April is around the corner. We suggest to make your schedule free this spring (whole April) and be ready to have your heart pounding. Furthermore, stay tuned for more updates on the upcoming Anime!

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