10 Reasons Why Love O2O Is A Must Watch Chinese Drama

Love O2O is a Chinese Drama that premiered on 22nd August 2016. The drama is extremely popular among all the sections of society. It has a unique story-line, fantastic cast, cute moments and what not. In the drama world, Love O2O is a complete package.
For anyone who hasn’t watched this drama yet, Here are the 10 Reasons Why Love O2O is a must watch Chinese Drama –

1. The Character Of Bei Weiwei

Love O2O - Zheng Shuang

This has to be the number one reason to watch Love O2O. The Character of female protagonist Bei Weiwei is very unusual in the drama world. She is a brilliant, confident and beautiful person. Furthermore, she is a computer science student and tutor. Bei Weiwei is also among the top 10 players of the game. A beautiful, smart girl who has an arc for gaming is like a dream come true. Her excellently portrayed, a magical character takes you to a wonderland of dreams. She is the Campus Beauty and the girl of desire for every guy.

Apart from all these traits, Bei is very down to earth, simple and kind. Despite her gorgeous looks, she relies more on hard work. Moreover, her relationship with her roommates is also solid and fun. At last, she is a massive addict of the game named ‘Chinese Ghost Story.’ This exceptionally brilliant, beautiful and strong character is one of the primary reasons why Love O2O is a must watch Chinese Drama.

2. The Male Protagonist – Xiao Nai

Love O2O - Yang Yang

A perfect female lead needs a perfect male lead. Love O2O doesn’t fail to deliver that. Xiao Nai is the most wanted, most desired and most loved guy of the whole college. Every girl has a major crush on him. He is the heartthrob of the college. Xiao Nai excels in every aspect; whether it is looks or studies or sports, the guy wins it all.

In addition to all these qualities, Xiao Nai has made his own game in the final year of Computer Science. He is all set to start his own company. This strong, confident, independent and handsome guy is what every girl desires. Well, any girl can fall for such a perfect guy. Therefore, the character of Xiao Nai makes it two on two reasons to watch Love O2O.

3. The Relationship Between Xiao Nai and Bei Weiwei

Love O2O - Couple Goals
Courtesy : IMDB

Well, Romance is always the centre of attraction in any drama. However, with such fantastic lead characters, Romance is one step-up in Love O2O. The drama consists of an ample amount of heart touching moments right from the beginning to the end. The utterly adorable relationship between Xiao Nai and Bei Weiwei is such a delight to watch. The scenario of their romance can give butterfly in your stomach. Undoubtedly, the pair provides the audience with the Couple Goals. Even their romance inside the game is incomparable; it is exceptionally brilliant. Their deep and meaningful relationship, witch many ‘aw’ scenarios makes Love O2O a must watch Chinese Drama.

4. The Sarcasm And The Comic Timing

Love O2O - Sarcasm

Love O2O gives the audience a lot of funny and witty scenarios. Notably, the male leads’ sense of humor is excellent. His sarcastic character adds an indistinct touch to his personality and the drama as well. His witty and sarcastic chats with his friends and also with the female lead gives viewers a lot of scenarios to laugh. All in all, Love O2O has no cut when it comes to the funny and happy moments.

5. A Drama Without Too Much Drama

Love O2O - Not So Drama

Most of the Romantic Dramas are full of drama like jealousy, fight, break up, then patch up, family interference and what not. However, Love O2O is a bit away from this drama. Being a Chinese Romantic Drama, Love O2O maintained the simplicity and elegance of Love. The series had minimal crying scenes, or splitting scene or jealousy, which in a way, made this drama stand out of many other famous Romantic Dramas. Well, the not so dramatic drama is, therefore, a must watch.

6. The Not So Usual Story-line

Love O2O - Gaming Culture

The story-line of Love O2O gives it a special and unique place in its audience mind. The show is based on the Gaming Culture in China. We can see the gaming world running parallel with the real world. This beautiful and creative plot of the show adds a different flavor to the show. The analogies used between gaming life and real life is also a delight to watch. The courage of exploring such an unusual plot with Romantic theme, and intelligently drafting it, makes Love O2O a cleverly crafted, must watch drama.

7. The Involvement Of Side Cast

Love O2O - Side Involvement

Although the series has a significant focus on the lead cast, still, the side cast didn’t go unnoticed. The drama provides an essential character to the female lead’s best friend and the guy who love her, along with the male lead’s best friend and the girl who loves him.

Apart from this, all the character in the gaming world has a significant story too, which creates a major impact on the story-line of the show. Also, a bit of a love story between Weiwei’s friend ErXi and her one-sided lover Cao Guang was like a cherry on the top for Love O2O.

8. The Cast Of The Show

Love O2O - Great Cast

Well, if the lead and side characters are so powerfully written, they definitely need an excellent cast to perform them. On that aspect, Love O2O has a perfect score. It has one of the most brilliant cast ever. Yang Yang is known for his good looks all across the globe; on the other hand, there is no comparison with Zheng Shuang’s beauty. It seems like Love O2O was written for both of these actors. Both of them form a perfect couple together, and it was a pleasure to the eyes to watch them perform together.

9. The Passionate Kissing Scenes

Love O2O - Kiss

If anybody in the world is a Rom-Com fan, they would have waited for the protagonist of the drama to kiss each other. Moreover, the kissing scenes don’t disappoint you at all. Furthermore, the awkwardness between them, when they lived under one roof was such an adorable moment to watch. So, on the Romance part, Love O2O grabs a perfect score and takes its viewers into a fantasy world.

10. The Perfect Ending

Love O2O - Perfect Ending

The perfect ending of Love O2O leaves you with a massive smile on your face. In the end, everything falls in place. Xiao Nai gets the deal in spite of the betrayal. The lead characters were shown madly in love with each other. The ending also consists of a lot of flashbacks, which gives every viewer some joyful memories to cherish. Love O2O ends with extremely amazing and lovely, mesmerizing, adorable, gorgeous and full of love scenario.

So, here are the 10 Reasons Why Love O2O is a must watch Chinese Drama. Do mention if we missed any point about this excellent drama. Also, mention the moments which stayed in your minds after watching this drama, and if you haven’t watched Love O2O yet, well, you now have 10 beautiful reasons to watch it. So don’t waste a single moment and watch this Chinese Drama.

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